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Pre-Charge Advice and Engagement Solicitors: Proactive defence during investigations – obtaining results swiftly, discretely, and efficiently

Police and other prosecuting agencies investigations can often last for months and sometimes even years, leaving those accused of crimes facing excruciating uncertainty as their future hangs by a thread.

You need not stand idly and passively by whilst an investigation progresses or whilst the Crown Prosecution Service or other prosecuting authority decide your fate.   In many cases the pre-charge engagement protocols can be utilised by the committed and specialist lawyers at Murray Hughman by obtaining and providing defence evidence to Police and Prosecutors and making robust, substantial and persuasive arguments and submissions that our clients should not face Prosecution. The Murray Hughman team have brought many investigations to an early, swift and favourable conclusion, by skilfully engaging with the Police and Prosecution at an early stage in an investigation and before any charging decision is made. We frequently obtain successful outcomes for our clients, resulting in no further action being taken against them, thereby avoiding charge and subsequent court proceedings that can often be lengthy, costly, and reputationally damaging.

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Pre-Charge Advice and Engagement Solicitors

By instructing Murray Hughman’s expert team of lawyers at an early-stage in an investigation we can often alter the trajectory of an investigation in your favour by proactively defending your interests using the pre-charge engagement protocols, thereby avoiding the need for Court proceedings all together.

Pre-charge engagement refers to voluntary engagement between the parties to an investigation after the first police (PACE) interview, and before any suspect has been formally charged, undertaken in accordance with the Attorney General’s guidelines on disclosure.

The Protocols provide an opportunity for suspects to provide investigators with further lines of enquiry which can include access to digital material, identification of potential witnesses and the provision of other evidence that investigators may have been otherwise unaware of, that point away from a suspect’s guilt. Pre-charge engagement can help inform a prosecutor’s charging decision and avoid a case being charged that would otherwise be stopped at a much later stage in proceedings or even go to trial.

Many clients come to this firm feeling they have not received the correct advice from their original solicitors or felt they have not done their case justice in their Police interview or that they wish for their defence team to make detailed and persuasive submissions to the Police and Prosecution that they should not be charged with an offence because the evidence against them is flawed or is just not credible.

The team at Murray Hughman are able to work with our clients, considering digital, social media, audio, video or witness testimony evidence to assist in bringing cases to an early end. Often, following careful and pro-active analysis and assessment of all available evidence, we are able to make powerful written representations to the Police and prosecutors, that there is not a realistic prospect of a conviction or that it is not in the public interest to bring a prosecution.

Without our input many suspects face the prospect of being charged and facing potentially years of uncertainty and anxiety awaiting trial. Early resolution of cases reduces anxiety for complainants as well as suspects by avoiding cases coming before the Courts that simply should not be charged in the first place.

Police and Prosecutors performing their own examination of evidence cannot always be relied upon to appreciate and understand the significance of certain strands of evidence or may be completely unaware of its existence.

Murray Hughman are able to utilise the pre-charge engagement protocols by being proactive at an early stage in criminal investigations, directing Police and Prosecutors in the right direction, in order to bring matters to an early and favourable conclusion.

When necessary and appropriate we can make careful and constructive representations to the Police, Crown Prosecution Service or other prosecuting authority that charges should not be brought, making robust and persuasive submissions that there is not a realistic prospect of a conviction or that a prosecution is not in the public interest.

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