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Sexual Offences Solicitors: Experts in Righting Wrongs For Our Clients

In the face of sexual offences allegations, having solicitors who are both experienced and dedicated is paramount.

At Murray Hughman, our team of seasoned sexual offences solicitors specialises in providing robust defence strategies for individuals facing charges related to sexual offences. We understand the serious consequences of such accusations and are committed to navigating the complexities of your case with diligence and expertise.

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Sexual Offences Solicitors

There is little doubt that being subject to a sexual allegation can be the most disturbing and highly stressful experience anyone can face. The consequences can be catastrophic for you, your family, your reputation and your career.  

It is vitally important to obtain the best possible representation as swiftly as possible. Murray Hughman has a hard-won reputation and expertise in righting wrongs for our clients.  

We have previously represented a number of public figures, and high net worth individuals, including performing artists, doctors and other professionals who have faced similar allegations.  We understand the importance of protecting reputations and careers. Even a simple allegation can have very serious implications in respect of our clients’ professional status or continued employment.  

The team at Murray Hughman have developed a superb reputation for bespoke, sensitive and proactive representation from the early stages of an investigation, concluding cases before charge. If instructed early, our priority is to have unfounded allegations dropped as quickly and discretely as possible, thereby mitigating any damage caused and avoid the need for Court proceedings.  

Your interests are always paramount and from the moment you contact us, our priority is to help you resolve the situation efficiently and positively.  

Our sexual offences lawyers will guide you through the police investigation and if it cannot be avoided, any subsequent prosecution with compassion, discretion, and understanding, supporting our clients through what can often be very distressing circumstances.  

The key to defending such cases is to have a highly specialist, responsive and experienced lawyer with a tough and determined litigation style that leaves no stone unturned. Meticulous attention to detail, doggedly pursuing disclosure of material by the police or prosecutor and locating defence evidence and witnesses are all essential factors in order to obtain a favourable end to an investigation or to achieve an acquittal.  

Our sexual offences solicitors are creative and constructive, with strong links to the most experienced and sought after leading barristers, KC’s and experts in the U.K 

We’re passionate about defending every client tenaciously and our track record and success rate in such matters is widely acknowledged as being exceptional.  

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If you are facing allegations of sexual offences, don’t face it alone. Trust Murray Hughman to be your dedicated legal advocates. Contact us today for a confidential consultation, and let our experienced team begin crafting a defence strategy tailored to your specific situation. Your rights and dignity are our priority.

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Recent Sexual Offences Cases


R – v – O – Inner London Crown Court – 2023

Grant represented a UBS banker charged with Voyeurism, it was alleged that O had observed a female doing a private act at Cannon Street Train Station.
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R – v –  JL – Southwark Crown Court – 2020

Represented former Blue Peter presenter in a historic allegation of sexual assault who was acquitted after Trial, with the Jury reaching the not guilty verdict following 23 mins of deliberation.
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R – v – DH – Inner London Crown Court – 2018 (Sexual Assault)

Grant represented a Nurse employed by a national charity charged with a sexual assault.
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R v TR – Nottingham Crown Court – 2016 (Conspiracy and trafficking)

This case involved conspiracy to rape and people trafficking.
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LT – Highly complex investigation into historic sexual abuse

Assisted client in developing argument against his extradition from South Africa having been sought in connection to a highly complex investigation into historic sexual abuse.
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R v T – High profile client accused of rape

Assisted Peter Hughman in securing the acquittal of a high profile client accused of rape.
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