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Proceeds of Crime Solicitors: Navigating The Issues With Skill and Precision

The Proceeds of Crime (POCA) Act is a highly complex area of law that provides investigators and the Courts with far reaching and draconian powers.

To navigate it successfully you will require the expertise of lawyers who have an in depth understanding of the Act and its provisions who can act discretely, effectively and swiftly to protect your assets.

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Proceeds of Crime Solicitors 

The Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) provides the State with far-reaching powers to investigate individuals’ financial affairs, where law enforcement agencies, including Police, SFO, HMRC, FCA, NCA, or the CPS suspect individuals’ funds are of a suspicious origin.  

Similarly, the Act provides the Courts with far reaching and draconian powers to make sometimes devastatingly high confiscation orders resulting in the loss of assets, fines and terms of imprisonment.  

The Proceeds of Crime Act is a complex area of law, and to navigate it successfully will require the expertise of lawyers who have an in depth understanding of the Act and its provisions who can act discretely and swiftly to protect your assets.  

Our proceeds of crime solicitors have vast experience in defending individuals who find themselves subject to Proceeds of Crime Act investigations and proceedings.  Our team can guide you through every stage of the process with skill and expertise, defending and fighting your corner, making every effort to protect your assets, within the boundaries of the law.  

An individual who is prosecuted for any form of monetary offence, whether it is fraud, drugs or money laundering, faces the prospect of a confiscation order being imposed on them following a conviction.  

The Court has the power to force the individual to pay back large sums of money and a failure to do so could result in a prison sentence in default. This can have a devastating effect, not only on the individual, but also their loved ones. Jointly owned assets, such as the family home, or gifts considered tainted by the offence, may have to be sold under the terms of any order. 

Additionally, we also regularly act for family members connected to the target of an investigation who may also come under scrutiny and who may also be implicated in the asset recovery and forfeiture regimes. 

Your financial affairs can be rigorously scrutinised, and the burden of proof falls upon the individual to prove that their income originates from a legitimate source. It is vital therefore that expert legal representation is sought as early as possible.  

Should you find that you are subject to a restraint Order, either as a suspect or a third party, we can assist to either vary or discharge the Order, thereby ensuring that your business and you as an individual can continue to function during any criminal investigation.  

Should confiscation proceedings be initiated, our highly skilled team can meticulously work through the prosecution’s alleged benefit figure against you, obtaining relevant evidence to assist in establishing the legitimate origin of your assets. Similarly, our committed team will protect your interests against accusations that individuals have hidden assets and can build a case to ensure that any final realisable figure is kept to a minimum.   

Our POCA solicitors in London are used to facing the most formidable prosecution agencies and can robustly defend your position with precision, whilst providing our clients with strategic advice and the highest standards of care and service. 

Where necessary we regularly work with the best experts in the UK and abroad, including financial experts and forensic accountants in order to ensure that the most compelling and reliable expert evidence is obtained to support our clients’ case. 

Our expert team can assist in respect of all aspects of Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings including:  

  • Proceeds of Crime Representation 
  • Account Freezing Orders and Account Forfeiture Orders  
  • Restraint Orders 
  • Suspicious Activity Reports and Frozen Bank Accounts 
  • Unexplained Wealth Orders  
  • Magistrates Cash Forfeiture 
  • Cash Seizure and Detention 
  • Listed Asset and Account Forfeiture Orders  
  • Confiscation Proceedings 
  • Money Laundering  
  • High Court Confiscation Proceedings  

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GK was charged with one other in cheating the public to the sum of £5.4 million.
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R v MR & PR – Nottingham Crown Court – 2016 (Money Laundering and conspiracy)

Ongoing proceedings for Conspiracy to Defraud and Money Laundering involving 16 defendants and in excess of 20,000 pages of evidence.
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R v MR – Blackfriars Crown Court – 2016 ( Money laundering )

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R v B AL – Southwark Crown Court – 2013 ( Fraud and conspiracy )

This was a case involving fraud and conspiracy to cheat the Revenue – The defendant was charged with defrauding HMRC by claiming Film Tax Credits and VAT for the making of a feature film “Landscape of Lies”.
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