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Theft, Dishonesty, and Fraud Solicitors: Protecting Your Reputation and Future

Accusations of theft, fraud or dishonesty can have devastating consequences on your reputation and future.

At Murray Hughman, we understand the complexities of such cases and are committed to providing you with the vigorous defence you deserve. Our experienced team of fraud solicitors specialise in navigating the intricacies of theft, fraud and dishonesty allegations, ensuring that your rights are protected every step of the way.

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Theft, Fraud, and Dishonesty Specialist 

We understand how distressing it can be to be the subject of any criminal investigation, particularly one that involves accusations of dishonesty including offences of fraud and theft. You may be concerned about your reputation, losing your liberty, and the catastrophic consequences a criminal conviction could have upon your family, career, and personal life. 

Our sophisticated, astute and supportive lawyers are committed to providing expert and professional advice and representation throughout all stages of criminal investigations and proceedings and the team has developed an excellent reputation for concluding cases before charge.  

The team at Murray Hughman are frequently instructed in dealing with some of the highest profile and complex cases of this nature and are renowned for our ability to take care of sensitive matters in a pragmatic, discreet and effective manner. 

Our combined breadth and depth of legal knowledge and the exceptional level of service we offer, can guide you through the hostile and unfamiliar world of the criminal justice system.  

We will rigorously protect your interests and put forward the best possible case, challenging prosecution evidence and diligently and forensically preparing your defence. The team have access to and regularly instruct the most renowned experts in the country to ensure that the most compelling and reliable evidence is obtained to support our clients’ cases.  

The firm hold strong relationships with the top barristers’ chambers in the country, ensuring that only advocates of outstanding ability are instructed in our clients’ cases.   

We pride ourselves on our meticulous and innovative approach to our cases and the exceptional results that we consistently achieve for our clients’.  

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If you are facing allegations of theft, fraud or dishonesty, don’t face them alone. Contact Murray Hughman today for a confidential consultation and let us begin fighting for your rights and future.

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Theft, Dishonesty, and Fraud Cases


R v JL – December 2022 – Wood Green Crown Court

Client charged with Robbery
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R v IM & JG – Snaresbrook Crown Court

Conspiracy to Burgle
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R – v – MR & PR – Nottingham Crown Court – 2017 (Slavery and Fraud)

Grant was instructed to represent a father and son charged with Fraud together with their extended family who were also charged under the modern slavery provisions.
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R v R, R and R – Croydon Crown Court – 2013 (Fraud)

This was a large scale building fraud on multiple homeowners.
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R v B AL – Southwark Crown Court – 2013 ( Fraud and conspiracy )

This was a case involving fraud and conspiracy to cheat the Revenue – The defendant was charged with defrauding HMRC by claiming Film Tax Credits and VAT for the making of a feature film “Landscape of Lies”.
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